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Why is rickets common among children, and what are the ways of prevention and treatment?

In a way that may surprise you, softening disease is most common in children, but that does not mean it is irrelevant to adults as well. What are the causes of the disease? How can it be avoided? And why might density be a particularly effective solution in this case?

Why is rickets common among children, and what are the ways of prevention and treatment?

Dr. Yigal Blum,
R &D Vice President and Chief Scientist at Amorphical


Shingles is one of the most common metabolic diseases. The name of the disease derives from the word “soft”, which means itself soft, fragile, and deformable. To build bones, our bodies need certain amounts of calcium , otherwise the process of bone breakdown will outweigh the process of building it. The main reasons for the appearance of rickets are insufficient calcium absorption, which is usually due to Vitamin D Deficiency . In other words, vitamin D is like a mediator between the buyer (the bones) and the seller (the calcium). So what is bone softness? At what ages Is it very common? How can it be prevented? And what are the treatments?


Osteoporosis is most common in children at an early age

Due to an accelerated and continuous growth process, at the age of six months to 3 years, our body needs a lot of calcium, so at these ages our children are automatically in the risk group for developing softening disease. If your child does not need enough vitamin D, his body will have difficulty absorbing calcium from food, and as a result heavy-bearing bones, such as limb bones, will have difficulty carrying weight. The result of the process will be rickets, which will be manifested in bent bones. In infants, rickets can also cause delay
In closing the skull bones and even to deformities in the ribs.


Studies show that calcium is important for the health and development of the child, Read the full study


Adult rickets – it can happen to them too …

Softening disease is not only relevant for children, and there is also adult softening. Unlike the pediatric population, the bones of the adults do not grow, but by virtue of the bone being a dynamic human tissue, it is constantly undergoing construction and disassembly processes. Condition of vitamin D deficiency in adults, including Calcium deficiency , can lead to non-regeneration of bone tissue (which occurs in parallel with the loss of minerals) – leading to fractures, bone pain and adult rickets.


What are the ways to avoid emollients?

Bone rickets develop due to a low calcium economy in our body, and this is usually due to its insufficient absorption. The way to prevent rickets is an adequate (and even increased) intake of vitamin D and calcium by the age of one year, in addition to a balanced diet that includes additional minerals. Thankfully, vitamin D comes through exposure to sunlight, among other things, so here’s a great reason to go for a walk with your child and breathe fresh air (while maintaining controlled exposure).

What are the ways to diagnose the disease?

To diagnose softening disease, go to the doctor and perform a series of tests that include a blood test to detect calcium and phosphorus levels, vitamin D level and kidney function level. In addition, an X-ray should be taken to reveal the level of calcium in the bones and the level of changes in their structure or shape. More rarely, rickets can even be diagnosed using a bone biopsy.


How can rickets be cured? And what is Israel’s position in relation to Western countries?

In most cases, the child with soft bones suffers from poor nutrition. Assuming that the cause of rickets is poor nutrition, calcium and vitamin D supplements should be consumed. When it comes to rickets, there are reasons to be optimistic, as usually this type of treatment plus controlled sun exposure may solve the problem. Due to the fact that in recent years Western countries have begun to add vitamin D to food products (mainly dairy products other than cheese and butter), the proportion of softening patients in these countries has decreased. And what about Israel? Fortunately, the disease is even less common in us – due to the high exposure to sunlight and a relatively rich diet in vitamin D.


So after all, what has amorphous calcium got to do with it?

“Calcium is the building block of bones.” This mantra will accompany you from this moment on. So perhaps the main cause for the development of osteoporosis is a deficiency of vitamin D, but in practice the vitamin only serves as a mediator and helps in the absorption process of calcium. So if your child lacks vitamin D, of course he should consume it. At the same time, amorphous calcium density may shorten your child’s path to recovery from soft tissue disease, as it is absorbed into the body 2 times or more relative to crystalline calcium carbonate (which makes up all the other calcium supplements on the market).


And finally, some recommendations for using amorphous calcium density …

So if your child is 8-4 years old – we recommend that he consume up to 300 mg of the amorphous calcium carbonate powder Dense City Kids. For ages 18-9 it is recommended to consume 300 mg of Dense City Kids. The advantage of Density Kids is a particularly high level of absorption, and to this must be added that due to the size of the particles – it does not sink in the blood, and reaches directly to the bones.


* Consult a physician before use


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