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Bone Building Exercise – Tips and Exercises to Prevent Bone Depletion

Bone thinning: why does it happen to us and what do we do with it? During life, our bones perform a "replacement" - a constant process of destruction and construction of bone cells. In our youth, the bone building procedure is faster than the bone destruction procedure and thus our bone mass increased until our early thirties. Then, the rate of bone building decreases and the bone thinning process begins which causes it to weaken, become brittle and fragile.

During life our bones perform a process called “passing”. This process is carried out constantly, and means destruction and construction of the bone. In our youth the rate of bone building is faster than the rate of bone destruction, and thus our bone mass increases. This happens until the early 30s of our lives, and then, the rate of bone building decreases – and a process of bone depletion begins, causing it to weaken and become brittle and fragile.


The rate of bone thinning varies from person to person but occurs in everyone. While about 33% of postmenopausal women (one in three women) experience an osteoporotic compression fracture, among men over the age of 55 it is only about 20% (one in five men) of them.



To whom is this happening? And what are the main signs of the disease?

There are no special signs that may warn in advance about bone thinning, and it is often the first sign of osteoporosis (which is usually only discovered after a bone fracture as a result of a fall or due to deformities in the bone structure). The most common fractures are in the spine, thighs and arms. In Israel, the number of patients currently reaches about 150,000 women and men. Every year these patients suffer 6,000 hip fractures and about 3,500 fractures in other organs. Osteoporosis is the most common cause of fractures among the elderly. Another way to detect the disease is through bone density testing.



Major risk factors for osteoporosis

  1. Women: Increased risk for women with fair skin, short women and thin women.
  2. Genetics: An increased risk for those who have been diagnosed with the disease in the immediate family.
  3. Lifestyle: Alcohol consumption, smoking and drinking coffee.


So what can be done anyway? Unsurprisingly, the answer is sports

Exercise has quite a few benefits, including aiding in recovery and disease prevention. Exercise helps build bone and effectively helps protect the body from the occurrence of osteoporosis. All is not forbidden by the doctor, you can start with bone-building exercise, which is suitable for everyone – even for those who have not engaged in physical activity for years or have not engaged in it at all. Before starting an activity, it is important to perform a bone density test in order to adjust the level and load of the workout to your physical condition.


התעמלות בונה עצם – טיפים ותרגילים למניעת דלדול עצם


What is bone-building exercise? And what does that have to do with space?

NASA has found that there is a link between bone strength and the level of resistance exerted on it. After a group of astronauts returned from space. Although the astronauts returned healthy, they quickly began to suffer crises. , Stretching and compression to prevent thinning. Since then, NASA has used calculations and tools to build exercise regimes that will, if possible, stop bone thinning.


A bone-building activity routine includes a half-hour walk a day, in addition to exercising for three times a week. Proper practice will also help with body posture, coordination, flexibility and overall physical fitness.


Common exercises for strengthening the bone

You can perform all the exercises described here comfortably in your home, with an over-ball and an elastic band that can be purchased at any sports store. During training, pay attention to proper breathing and perform the exercises in a moderate manner, in order to avoid stretching the muscles. Each exercise should be performed about 20 times in training.



Rubber exercises to strengthen the bone

1. Throwing a discus: Stand upright and twist the spine by turning horizontally (left or right), while holding the rubber band, tip in each hand. The body should be twisted, through the side, back as far as possible together with the gaze and at the same time stretch the hand straight To the direction of the gaze (rotation left – left hand, rotation right – right hand.) The exercises should be performed about half the time to one side and half of the time to the other side.



2. Waist belt: While standing, we wrap the rubber band around the waist and tie it at the ends, but not tightly to the body. Then, one hand should be inserted into the rubber band (which has just become a kind of belt). While keeping a straight hand, try to “lift” the hand to the side against the resistance of the rubber band. Half of the exercises should be performed with one hand and half with the other hand.



3. Morning stretching: This exercise can be performed sitting or standing. The chest should be stretched up and out while raising the arms up, with each hand holding the other end of the rubber band and stretching it to the sides.



3. Morning stretching: This exercise can be performed sitting or standing. The chest should be stretched up and out while raising the arms up, with each hand holding the other end of the rubber band and stretching it to the sides.



Ball exercises to strengthen the bone

1. Side bag: While we are standing, we will hold the ball close to the body with one hand. We will lift the same leg to the side, and at the same time we will apply resistance to the wrist.


2. Emmy Award: Stand upright and hold the ball over your head with both palms. Squeeze the ball between the wrists and arch the body to the side. We will perform half of the exercises on one side and half on the other.



3. Chest presses: This can be done standing, sitting, or lying down. The ball should be held towards the inside of the body, at chest height, between the two palms. Then, press in alternately with the help of the wrist and fingers.



4. Kneeling: The exercise is performed sitting on a low chair. Hold the ball between your knees, squeezing and releasing it while stretching your back.


In conclusion, the best way to treat osteoporosis is a combination of bone-building exercises and regular consumption of amorphous calcium DENSITY, which has been shown to be the most effective calcium for the bone-building process due to the fact that it is absorbed by our body more than any other calcium. The combination of the two will lead to a maximum stopping of bone thinning, encouraging its construction and preventing fractures.


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